About Hubert J.P. Schoemaker

hjsHubert J.P. Schoemaker led a life of almost mythical proportions. Whether he was competing as a national caliber athlete, serving as a pioneering scientist or community leader, building firms as an immensely successful entrepreneur, or even just surviving – for a record number of years – as a cancer patient, Hubert consistently pulled off outsized achievements.

Through his infectious optimism and drive to succeed, Centocor became one of the nations most successful biotechnology companies with products that have improved the lives of many. His co-founding of the Eastern Technology Council and Technology Leaders Venture Fund provided a platform through which he supported the growth of regional high technology companies, mentored executives, and helped the Delaware Valley become a hotspot for biotechnology. Always living on the edge of discovery, Hubert later founded Neuronyx, a company developing adult stem cell-based therapeutics for a number of diseases. He did all this with an unforgettable “my cup runneth over” attitude despite his disabling illness. Hubert literally set out to help millions – and he succeeded.

Hubert’s passion and generosity were especially focused on Melmark, where his eldest daughter, Maureen, had resided for 28 years. Love of art and music, of family and friends, and an ebullient and generous personality were all a part of this legendary man.

Hubert did more than achieve, he loved.